How to manage CDR cleaning

How it works

Class 4 store CDRs to the local direct every minute and it is saved in a per minute file. You can find the local CDRs from {installdir}/dnl_softswitch/cdr.

If you are installed using the standard RPM, AWS cloud image or Google cloud image, the default install path should be /opt/denovo

Class 4 automatically compresses the daily CDR into .tar.gz format. The local CDR can be setup to be automatically cleaned. You may also configure Class 4 to push the CDRs to remote storage such as FTP and Google Cloud bucket. Class 4 also provides facility to automatically remove old CDRs from FTP and Google Cloud bucket after it has been stored for a period of time.

If you are using old install, then you are likely be using dnl-backup-tool. All new install started from March of 2021 should be using dnl-cloud-tool. They both serves the same purpose but dnl-cloud-tool provides additional tools to monitor remote archive, manage remote archive, and search for CDR from remote archive.

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