Static Route


Static Route is how you define actually how vendor trunk is to be selected. Within Static Route, you can order the vendor trunks by:

  • Top Down Routing

  • Round Robin Routing

  • Percentage Routing

Top Down Routing means Class 4 will always select the route from top to bottom of the vendor trunk list. Round Robin means Class 4 will balance traffic sent all vendor trunk evenly. Percentage routing let's you define % of traffic being sent to each vendor trunk.

Here is how you create static routing:

Step 1: Click on Routing > Static Routing

Step 2: View all existing static routing

Step 3: Add new static routing

You can click on "Create New" and then create a new static routing:

If you are terminating US traffic, you should route by LRN number instead.

Step 4: Add new static routing entry

When you click inside the name of the static route, you get to see the list of routing entry:

You can have different set of vendor trunks defined for different DNIS routing code. You can have different routing strategy for different DNIS prefix or you can leave it blank.

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