Create Routing


Class 4 Fusion routing is a hierarchy design. First, you will need to create "Routing Plan". Within a routing plan, you can define different criteria for different routing strategy. A routing criteria is a combination of prefix, min length, and max length. This criteria can be defined in ANI and/or DNIS.

Moreover, you can define different time profile for the routing strategy.

There are two general categories of routing strategy:

  • Static Routing

  • Dynamic Routing

Static Routing means that the routing order is fixed and we support the following routing order:

  • Top Down

  • Round Robin

  • Percentage

Dynamic Routings means that the routing order is dynamic and it is based on real-time condition of the traffic as well as the cost of the vendor for the specific code at that specific time of routing:

  • Least Cost Routing

  • Highest ASR Routing

  • Highest ACD Routing

You can look at routing plan as routing condition and static route / dynamic route as the way how you want vendor routes to be selected.

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