How to manage PCAP cleaning

How it works

Class 4 store all SIP capture in a file every minute. You can find all the PCAP log under the following directory path:


If you are installed using the standard RPM, AWS cloud image or Google cloud image, the default install path should be /opt/denovo

PCAP files get accumulated very fast. If you don't have sufficient space, you may want to setup Class 4 to automatically clean the pcap files.

Here is the config file you need to use to control the pcap setting:


The section you need to update is:

enable_capture = yes
enable_compress = yes
pcap_save_day = 3
#this setting tells the switch from when you want the old pcap be compressed
#delay_compress_days = 2
#this section tells the switch at which hour of the day ( GMT ) that you want the compress to take place.
#delay_compress_exe_hour = 5

After you make changes to this config file, you must restart the switch to make it effective. Here is the command to restart Class 4 softswitch:

systemctl restart dnl_softswitch

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