Create Client


To create a client, you need to have a Carrier created. In Class 4 Version 5, a carrier can be both client and vendor. When you give it an ingress trunk, it becomes a Client. When you give it an egress trunk, it becomes a Vendor. A carrier can be both Client and Vendor.

Step 1: Go to the Carrier section

Step 2: Create a Carrier

In this page, the minimum set of fields you need to filled in are :

  • Name

  • Company Name

  • Email

Step 3: Create Ingress Trunk

After submit, you will be prompted to create Ingress Trunk as shown here:

When you click "Create Ingress Trunk", you comes to this page:

To get an ingress trunk started, you mainly need to fill out the following fields only:

  • Trunk Name

  • IP Address(s)

  • Tech Prefix ( optional )

  • Routing Plan

  • Rate Table applied to this Client Trunk

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